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Try our Organic Vegan Rooibos Tea Soap!  Rooibos is is an incredible herb, unique to the mountains of South Africa; it's numerous health benefits as a tea are well known and Bubble Bathdocumented, and have resulted in high demand around the world for this tasty brew and for it's various related products, like our luxurious, hand-made, Rooibos Tea infused Soaps

Rooibos Tea Soap is known for it's anti-itching properties and soothing effects on eczema, psoriasis, diaper or prickly heat rashes, and acne; it's zinc and alpha-hydroxy content is extremely high!
We have used a strong, organic Rooibos Tea in all our soap recipes to provide a truely exceptional and unique product that we know you will enjoy and appreciate.

Pamper yourself with our rich, amber colored, Original Rooibos Tea Soap bar or try one of our lightly scented variaties - Orange Blossom or Vanilla Bean - for added variety. We are postive you are going to fall in
love with our Rooibos Tea Soap made with organic oils and Rooibos Tea. 

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Rooibos Tea Soap - Organic 1 Bar Pack
Rooibos Tea Soap - Organic 2 Bar Pack
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